Words from Our Patients

Words From our Patients
  • Richard P.


    For years my fingers and hands would go to sleep. It had gotten worse to the point it would wake me up at night and would hurt real bad. I’d have to get out off bed at night and walk around until it left. My friends suggested I see Dr. Collins. I had heard too many horror stories of people seeing chiropractors feeling worse, but my friends said, “Nah, this guy is real good!” After my first treatment here, I felt relief. My hands now feel better than they have for years. Now I can get some sleep! Thanks again, Doc!

    Virginia L.

    Baldwin Park

    For the last two years, I have suffered with pain and numbness in my arms and hands. I had difficulty sleeping. My hands would wake me up at night with numbness. My grip strength was weakening. It was hard to use my hands. I was told by other doctors I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but they did nothing for me. They couldn’t find out what was causing it. I was slowly getting worse. There were times I didn’t know what I was going to do. I found out about this unique clinic, and I am so glad I did!!! I don’t have the pain I had, and feel much better about myself as well. All I can say is ‘Thank You!

  • Jerry D.

    Santa Clarita

    Just the length of time I have been coming here, over 20 years, says all you need to know about this clinic. Here’s something you might be interested in. I must have referred over 12 patients here over the years and I tell them all, ‘If you are not satisfied, then I’ll pay for it’. I‘ve never paid off on that yet!

    Mary L.


    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since 1988. Prior to coming here, I was considering retirement because of my worsening ability to function in my job as a Registered Nurse. I was taking a lot of different medication prescribed by my doctors, that didn’t help. My life consisted only of work and rest. I couldn’t do anything else. After completing this unique program, I have now resumed a fully functional life as a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and most importantly, my profession as a Nurse!! I am on NO MEDICATION, and FEEING GREAT!! I feel as if I was given a second life. Nothing else ever worked for me. I would highly recommend this program. You won’t be sorry!!

  • Marcie P.


    Several months ago, I was driving to work when my car was struck by a hit and run driver. My neck and back immediately began to hurt. An attorney sent me to a doctor who just put a hot pack on my back. Two months, and $4000 later, I was still in pain and felt no better at all. I came here out of desperation. The staff was just wonderful. I could feel relief after my first visit. After about my third, I could sleep through the night for the first time in months!

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